Clarendon Park is an extra-parochial parish, in The Hundred of Alderbury, in the county of Wiltshire, having a large surface area but a sparse population; 246 according to the 2011 census. It consists of Clarendon park estate of about 3,000 acres with few inhabitants and is otherwise stretched out rather ribbon-like along Petersfinger Road from New Petersfinger Road, along the A 36, through Marshmead Close and along the Southampton Road towards Alderbury as far a the turning off towards Downton. It is bounded by the Christchurch Avon to the south, Salisbury, Laverstock, Pitton, Farley and Alderbury.

Lacking a pub and a church, it is a hamlet, not a village. It has no civic centre. Its only amenities are a bus shelter, two notice boards and three “self help” salt bins; there are a number of footpaths, all except one within the estate, which includes part of Clarendon Way, a pilgrim’s route between Salisbury and Winchester cathedrals. Salisbury centre is about one mile away. There are shops to the west along the A 36 and a Park and Ride carpark on its southwestern boundary.